26 June 2017

HSBC Australia commits to reconciliation

HSBC Australia has launched its first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), making a commitment to increase and deepen its engagement with Indigenous communities and issues.

Reconciliation Action Plans provide a way for organisations to document and realise their goals for reconciliation and help them to achieve their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander engagement objectives. Fittingly, HSBC launched the RAP during National Reconciliation Week, which had the theme this year of Let's Take the Next Step.

At the launch, HSBC hosted a panel discussion with representatives from two of its key community partners, KARI and AIEF. HSBC CEO Martin Tricaud commented on the launch, "HSBC has a commitment to the communities in which we operate. The documenting of our first Reconciliation Action Plan is not a small step, and is an important one."

He explained that HSBC's RAP helps create a framework for further engagement with more of Australia in a way that is culturally appropriate and makes sense for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians alike.

"As we strengthen our commitment to the Australian market, our RAP is symbolic of our strong and ongoing engagement with the Australia community."

HSBC's RAP is underpinned by strong community partnerships with organisations that are delivering outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders peoples and communities.

The bank's next steps will include cultural awareness training for employees, concerted efforts to increase employment opportunities, and exploring ways to increase procurement from Indigenous-owned businesses.