20 September 2022

Australian investors adjust approach as market volatility continues: HSBC survey

***Eight in ten investors have made an investment in the past six months***
***60% of investors are likely to diversify their portfolio in the next six months***
***Almost half of investors are likely to consider investing outside of Australia in the next six months***
***Over half of Australian investors would prefer to invest more in bonds, ETFs and managed funds as it requires less time and effort than equities***

Australians continue to turn to the sharemarket for wealth generation despite continued market volatility, according to a new survey from HSBC which also shows close to 80% of investors have made an investment in the past six months.

The HSBC Investor Insights survey of more than 1,100 Australian investors found that over two in five (41%) own equities outside of their superannuation fund. Men (31%) were more likely than women (25%) to have invested in equities in the last six months, and Millennials (31%) have been more active in trading in equities than their Baby Boomer counterparts (24%).

The research also found that 73% of Australian investors have changed their investment approach in the last 6 months, with 36% of investors becoming more balanced in their investment approach and only 9% taking a more aggressive approach.

ETFs and Managed Funds pique investor interest

While equities make up the lion’s share of Australian investor portfolios, there is a growing preference for other investments – namely bonds, ETFs and Managed Funds.

Donahue D’Souza, Head of Investments for HSBC Australia, said: “The HSBC Investor Insights survey indicates that while investors are still seeing value in direct share investments, many are adjusting and diversifying their investment approach in response to changing market conditions.”

“One of the more interesting findings was the preference to consider bonds, ETFs and Managed Funds due to a view they require less time and effort to manage.

“Given this growing interest, we expect to see a greater diversity of ETFs and Managed Funds becoming available in the next few years together with investors being given the tools to better track and monitor ETFs,” said Mr D’Souza.

Seeking opportunities abroad

According to the survey, almost half (48%) of Australian investors are likely to consider investing outside of Australia in the next six months.

“Certain global markets are feeling the effects on inflation and other macroeconomic impacts more than others, opening up opportunities for Australian investors to consider sectors, industries that they may not be able to access in Australia.”

“However, while interest in international investments is high, half (50%) of Australian investors don’t know or are unsure how to do this. Positively, many are turning to market research (36%) and financial advisors (30%) but these findings indicate there is opportunity for greater investor education regarding investment opportunities outside of Australia,” said Mr D’Souza.


Information sources

  • 29% of investors turn to family/friends for information on investment decisions with women (33%) and Gen Z (42%) more likely to ask family/friends for information
  • Gen Z (37%) and Millennials (26%) more likely to go to social media for investment information.

Monitoring of investments

  • Eight in ten Australian investors monitor/track their investments at least once a month
  • Gen Z (62%) and Millennial (59%) investors are more likely to monitor their investments daily or weekly compared to older investors (Gen X 50%, Baby Boomer 31%)
  • Overall, men are more likely that women to track their investments once or a few times a week while women are more likely to do less frequently or not at all.

About the survey
HSBC undertook the research to better understand Australian investor’s behaviours and views regarding the investment market. From 1 to 4 September 2022, 1,146 Australian investors aged 18+ excluding those that invested only through superannuation, savings accounts or primary home that they live in were surveyed by YouGov via an online confidential poll.

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