Why Aussie Dads should take more parental leave

23 August 2018

For Daniele Cavini, Senior Commodity Manager at HSBC Australia, taking parental leave was an easy but important decision after the birth of both his daughters.

Flying the flag for Australia in France

10 July 2018

HSBC hosted an important Australian government and business delegation in Paris in July 2018, just as negotiations ramp up for the EU-Australia FTA.

HSBC Australia commits to reconciliation

26 June 2017

HSBC Australia has launched its first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to increase and deepen its engagement with Indigenous communities and issues.

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Leaders named as gender diversity champions

20 September 2018

Six HSBC executives have been recognised for their support for women in the workplace.

ESG becomes a priority

12 September 2018

Companies need to manage their wider impact on society if they wish to attract investors.

The retirement gap

10 September 2018

Half of working-age women fear they will struggle to afford basic necessities after retirement.


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