Don’t get scammed when searching for love this Valentine’s Day

13 February 2024

HSBC is warning customers to be extra vigilant this Valentine’s Day to make sure that their search for love doesn’t result in becoming a victim of fraud.

As door to world economy reopens, it’s on Australia to walk through

5 February 2024

Australia’s proximity to some of the world’s fastest-growing economies, and burgeoning capital firepower position this $2.33 trillion engine to make a major outward push. HSBC Australia Chief Executive Antony Shaw writes.

Five reasons the RBA may not cut interest rates in 2024

9 January 2024

There are lots of reasons why Australia’s central bank may take longer to deliver easing, writes Paul Bloxham, HSBC Chief Economist Australia, New Zealand, and Global Commodities.

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29 Apr 2019 Property obsessed: Australians spend twice as much time researching property than they do at the gym

10 Apr 2019 HSBC Australia CEO Martin Tricaud to take on new role as Regional CEO for Middle East, North Africa and Turkey

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Housing prices ain’t everything

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16 Feb 2018 HSBC completes first RMB remittance for Chinese working abroad English PDF 49.11 KB

9 Feb 2018 Let’s unite for a fair and prosperous Australia


18 Jan 2018 HSBC offers 3.59% p.a. home loan rate English PDF 59.04 KB

HSBC Australia partners with Mortgage Choice English PDF 202.67 KB

17 Jan 2018 Aussie and HSBC on track to hit billion dollar milestone English PDF 209.27 KB

9 Jan 2018 HSBC launches first Australian Dollar Liquidity Fund English PDF 78.81 KB

Humans + machines = an ethical AI future

12 February 2024

It’s vital that when humans and machines work together, artificial intelligence is used responsibly and ethically, says EJ Achtner.

Our game-changing approach to wealth recruitment

17 January 2024

To build the workforce of the future we need to prioritise transferrable skills over experience, says Laura Powell.

The power of digital currency programmability

12 December 2023

Bojan Obradovic believes the programmability of digital currency could be one of its key benefits – as well as one of its key risks.



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